Syrian Automobile Club - International Driving License

Personal information required in Arabic (according to the local market license)

First name
Last name
Birth place
Driving License Category
Driving License Number
Driving License expiary date
Birth Date

The required information in English (according to the passport)

Given Name / Pernom
Surname / Nom

Image size should not exceed 1MB

Personal Photo
License photo front face
License photo back face
ID Photo front face
ID Photo back face

By submitting the form and registering a new request, you agree to the following:

I bear full responsibility for the correctness of the information received, and in the event of an error from me by filling these information I will bear all expenses for re-issuing the international license

The fare for obtaining an international license is Syrian Pounds to be paid in advance

License application agreement:

The license will be ready for receipt after a week from the date of registering the application.